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Urban Animal Kingdom

Twin Cities Dog Training & Behavior Consulting

We are rebranding and will be Mellow Mutts

Behavior Consulting starting August 1st. 2024.

Beth has been wonderful with my reactive lab mix and I’ve learned so much from our training sessions. My dog has made a lot of progress and Beth tailors her training on the fly which demonstrates her years of experience.               

Beth Martin

CCPDT Certified Dog Trainer

I am a positive reinforcement trainer who believes that every dog deserves a compassionate ear and respect. I train at the dog's pace. I teach all my clients about dog body language so that they can develop a deeper understanding of their dog. I do my best to cater to each person's hectic lifestyle, but I will always put the dog first and each dog I encounter teaches me. In addition to having the ABCDT and the CPDT-KA certifications I am working towards my CBCC-KA certification and my VSA certification. Don't worry if you don't know what those are. The takeaway is that I am always working to increase my knowledge and skills so that I can better serve my clients and their dogs.

I have always had an affinity for animals and knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to them in some way. In the past I have had jobs in wildlife research, wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary assistance, and animal welfare advocacy (I REALLY love animals!) Around a decade ago I was applying to graduate school for Ethology (animal behavior). I started walking dogs while studying for the GRE, which took me down a path that led me to becoming a dog trainer.

dog trainer Beth Martin and her dog Bodi

Services and Pricing

Initial Consultation                                                                          

In order to assess the underlying cause of your dog's behaviors, you will fill out a behavior questionnaire and our first session will involve discussing those answers, and talking about your dog and the behaviors you would like to work on. This will take around 90 minutes and will allow me to customize a training plan for you and your dog.


Private Training Session

We will  do hands-on training during which time I will teach you how to communinicate with your dog and show you how you can work with your dog to improve their behavior using treats and fun games. 



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