Urban Animal Kingdom is a fully insured and bonded dog walking and pet care business dedicated to the health and happiness of your pets. We primarily walk dogs but we love all animals and are happy to play with and care for all different kinds of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, rodents, and more. We know that you are trusting us with your valuables; your pets and your home. We take that responsibility very seriously, and the safety and wellbeing of your pets and home is our first priority. We use positive reinforcement techniques to achieve a fun and safe walk, including using treats as a reward for behavior we want. We also use gentle leaders to help assist a dog in learning to walk calmly. We don't use punishment or choke collars.


Beth Martin, founder and owner of Urban Animal Kingdom, has been passionate about animals all her life and has worked with them in many different capacities, including as a wildlife rehabilitator, veterinary assistant, and an assistant training instructor. She started walking dogs while preparing to apply to graduate school for Animal Behavior, but the dogs had other plans for her and thus Urban Animal Kingdom was born. She has almost completed her official certification for dog training and in the process has helped many clients with their dogs. Her vision is to create a fun and safe work atmosphere filled with people as passionate as herself. She is working on opening a doggie daycare and hopes to open the doors in the spring of 2019. The dream is to rehabilitate dogs in need at the new facility.

Stephanie Blooflat is a manager and scheduling coordinator with Urban Animal Kingdom. Her passion for animals and her drive to always improve the way we do things at the company have proven invaluable. As a lifetime cat lover and care taker, she has become the company cat specialist. She understands their particular needs and ensures that each cat visit caters to their personality. She has seven years of experience working with dogs at dog daycares and boarding facilities, with five of those years in a management or leadership role. She is the glue that keeps the company running day to day.

More Dog Aunties and Uncles

Tracy with Abby

Greg with Dewi

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