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Beth Martin

Owner, Founder, and Certified Dog Trainer

Hi, I'm Beth and I'm a positive reinforcement trainer who believes that every dog deserves a compassionate ear and respect. I train at the dog's pace. I teach all my clients about dog body language so that they can develop a deeper understanding of their dog. I do my best to cater to each person's hectic lifestyle, but I will always put the dog first. I learn from each pet I encounter, in addition to having  CPDT-KA certification. I am working towards my CBCC-KA certification, as well as being a student of renowned dog trainers like Suzanne Clothier, Michael Shikashio, Kathy Sdao, and Victorial Stilwell.

Before becoming a full-time trainer I owned and operated Urban Animal Kingdom, a full service pet care company...(if you want to say more about the switch from pet care to training?)

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